SmartWin - C++ Application Development made easy!

The SmartWin++ Hall of Fame!!

SmartWin++ was initially a project made and created by Thomas Hansen, but there have been several additions to the developers list since the SmartWin++ "stoneage".

SmartWin++ Development Team

  • Andrew Webb, Library Developer - (his website)
    Andrew is one of the main administrators behind SmartWin++ and is very busy on almost every part of SmartWin++.
  • Peter Kümmel, Library Developer
    The developer mainly responsible for our gcc port and the build system!
  • Derek Graham, Library Developer
    Created the initial implementation of the WidgetModalDialog
  • Sergey Hakobyan, Library Developer
    Made the WidgetMenuExtended plus had the first draft for the SigSlot implementation

Site Credits

  • César A. Bernardini, RSS Parser
    A very talented 17-year-old Argentinean who created the RSS parser. Extra special thanks to him for the design and several aspects of the previous site.
  • Jared Kuolt, Site Design, PHP/MySQL Development
    A 21-year-old American has been the main programmer behind the website (PHP and MySQL) since the beginning. He also created the current design of the site.

Special Thanks

In addition to the developers, we would like to especially put forth Kostas Vlahavas who has used SmartWin++ extensively and thereby given us lots of feature requests and detailed bug reports. He has used the library mainly in his school projects developing e.g. this by utilizing the SmartWin++ GUI Library.

Many thanks go to Charles M Brockman for pointing out some grammatical errors on the site and in the readme.txt file. Looks like Jared needs to get find his grammar comb and sift through Thomas' text. ;)

Many thanx also to Jozef Wagner who have "boosted" SmartWin++, or with other words made SmartWin++ use boost instead of its own custom classes

Many thanx also to Michael Frenzel who plays bass in Stormegg (there are free MP3 downloads of demos there!) and have created the WidgetProgressBar control and submitted to us for use in SmartWin++.

Many thanx also to Michal Molhanec who came with the idea of how to use StockObject fonts. Logo